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CFN Fraud Protection


CFN protects your account against today’s risk of fraud.

Credit card skimming and cyber-attacks are, unfortunately, on the rise.Thieves often find fueling cards an attractive target because transactions can take place without face-to-face interaction and fuel dispensers are generally remote and out of sight. According to the technology standards organization Conexxus, credit and debit card fraud at fueling facilities last year totaled a staggering $250 million! Like all forms of theft, this money comes straight off your bottom line.

CFN is the first card purveyor in the industry to establish
fraud protection for fleets!
This benefit provides:

  • Network-wide protection against fraudulent transactions
  • Ongoing safeguards against losses due to fraudulent activity
  • Protection from card skimming and malicious software attacks
  • Fraud protection alerts when suspicious card activity is detected


Fraud Protection is one of the many advantages afforded to you as a CFN Fleetwide cardholder. This unique benefit is another example of why the CFN Fleetwide card is the clear choice for business owners and fleet managers across the U.S. and Canada.

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